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Services: Decision Support

With the help of Decision support you can:

  • Visualize relations and results
  • Find the optimal design in milliseconds
  • Make results accessible for designers/decision-makers

Below is a small example for corrugated board designs. The decision support springs from an optimization of corrugated board. The optimization is aimed at reducing the material cost, reducing the washbording/striping effect during flexographic printing and increasing the ECT-value (Edge Crush Test). Behind every dot in the graph is two simulation of a board design. It is only the Pareto designs that is included in the decision support. Since we have three goals in this optimizations the Pareto design form a surface. From this surface together with the decision support you can see the best design and the material cost for your performance requirements.

Just write in your performance requirements and get the optimized design, material cost and corresponding simulations.


Decision support for corrugated board.